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jason tesauro

For those with active memberships in the Club GBGH (Go Big or Go Home), we're your go-to partner for epic adventures. Some have a sweet tooth . . . MG has a sweet spot for one-off, totally unique, custom-designed, hands-on, big-budget happenings that blend discovery and derring-do with decadence and down-home comfort.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.50.44 PM.png

Sean Parker, the billionaire behind Napster, Spotify and Facebook, knows a thing or two about music. When he wanted to rock Coachella 2011, MG hosted his 3-day party in THIS Palm Desert mansion. 

☑ Heli-ski Sun Valley
☑ Taste 165-year-old Madeira
☑ Party like a rockstar at Coachella
☑ Leap from the Foix River cliffs in Penedès

Let MG and choice partners like EpicQuest help you to check those hard-to-reach boxes on your bucket list. 

SNOWMANCE: Valentine's Day
Heli Ski Adventure

Blast the powder, boost the woo and cultivate your palate in sumptuous Sun Valley