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Jason Tesauro on the Edacious Podcast

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Jason Tesauro on the Edacious Podcast

jason tesauro

Jason was featured on Episode 67 of the podcast Edacious from Jenée Libby, writer and food blogger from Charlottesville, VA. The interview is a preview of Jason's background in anticipation of his appearance at the Virginia Festival of the Book. Read an excerpt from Jenée below and listen to the podcast here.

Jason Tesauro, The Modern Gentleman, Best American Food Writing 2016

Writing Work. With Wine and Intention. Welcome to the last in a series of FOUR podcasts celebrating the Virginia Festival of the Book! From March 16th to 19th you will hear from the country’s best and brightest when it comes to food writing. Today’s episode? Writer and sommelier Jason Tesauro, author of The Modern Gentleman and a contributor to this year’s Best American Food Writing series for his profile of chef Bo Bech. Jason will be appearing at an event Sunday, March 26th at JMRL as part of a panel discussion. Event details are listed below.

I first became aware of Jason’s writing because of his book. We know so many of the same people in the food world and I’m sure we’ve met briefly during my many forays to Barboursville Vineyards where he’s been a sommelier for 15 years. So it was a thrill to finally coordinate our busy schedules for a talk. Not just any journalistic back and forth, but a real honest-to-goodness deep conversation about food writing which evolved into his philosophy of setting your intention as you move throughout your day. And your life. Something I can definitely get behind in this age of instant gratification. Slowing down. Making that tiny bit of extra effort. Living awake and aware.