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Ear candy for your aural fixations.

Xmas Week

To fuel your last-minute dashes for gifts noshes, here's a singular album of riffs and beats that will punctuate your holiday hullabaloo with serious exclamation points. No, really. "As If" is the latest album from !!! (pronounced chick-chick-chick) dropped on October 16, 2015, but it's deep, driving bass and pulsing vocal mix is pure octane for when your spirits are flagging. And because December 25 will see the first Christmas Day full moon since 1977, start with track 2.

Halloween 2015 Playlist

Sure, you could cue-up "Monster Mash," "Thriller" or "Ghostbusters" – and there's a place for these standards toward the end of the party – but here are some fresh tunes with All Hallows'–themed titles worth grooving your tricks and treats to. (With a couple of long-playing classics to finish it off.)

fresh WEEK, OLD & new PUNK
THE SLITS & findlay

Tuesday, September 15

With vinyl on the comeback, more and more audiophiles are dusting off their turntables and liberating idle LPs from attics and yard sales. Amidst many forgettable cardboard sleeves, expect to now and again stumble onto a dormant gem that's been asnooze in the cellar like old Porto. One example, The Slit's 1979 breakthrough punk album, Cut. This London quartet was so ahead of its time that Cut is still cutting-edge 40 years later. And then some Findlay, a modern Brit with that same bloody chip on her shoulder. Long live wax and the ladies of punk!

IN rotation

Friday, September 4

Plenty of groove and bass in this holiday weekend line-up.

Thursday, September 3



Dig on this for working with a chill beat.

You won't believe this is a 2015 album...sounds like vintage soul.


9 Curated playlists for flirtatious, fun and courtly love affairs in February and rhythms for romances spanning the other 11 months.

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