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Travel+Leisure x MG = 6 Southern Distilleries to Watch

jason tesauro

The Miles Davis Sextet with John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley might be the best line-up of 6 anythings in the history of mankind (apologies to Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy which deserves #2 on that list), but here's a boozy sextet that'll take a few rounds of vinyl to explore.

Bottled Up: The South's Amazing, Low-Profile Distilleries

We Drank a Lot of Gin So You Don't Have To

jason tesauro

“FOUR GINS MUST BE IN EVERY BAR.” Or so said “The Gentleman’s Companion Volume II.” In 1946, this tome’s all-caps delivery suggested not a rule, but a commandment that thou shalt have London Dry, Genever, Old Tom and Sloe Gin. Fifty years later, the rule of four arguably remains, but we’re amidst a reshuffling of the deck. It’s time to make room for an evolving category that belongs at the fore of your bar: New Western or American Dry Gins. “These gins are most certainly defined, not by the juniper itself, but by the careful inclusion and balance of the supporting flavors,” said Ryan Magarian, Co-Creator, Aviation Gin, Portland, OR. We've distilled the lot to our favorites.

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