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The Elbys are Here Again

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What's the life of a Modern Gentleman all about? Find out here, as Jason Tesauro and his collaborators share their latest discoveries and epiphanies.


The Elbys are Here Again

jason tesauro

The Richmond region's annual dining awards are back for the sixth year this Sunday, February 19th, with returning hosts Jason Tesauro of Modern Gentleman and Stephanie Breijo of Richmond Magazine. The duo is known for over-the-top costuming and Tesauro's opening welcome that is closer to a sermon than a speech.

Listen to last year's Elbys intro, titled "For the 5th Annual Elbys, a reading from the Howl-y Scripture."

Read the transcript from last year's Elbys intro here.

Audio and imagery from the 6th annual Elbys coming soon.

Jay Paul, Richmond Magazine

Jay Paul, Richmond Magazine