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Washington Exec x MG = Modern Business Etiquette Tips

THE MG BLOG: Now & Ink

What's the life of a Modern Gentleman all about? Find out here, as Jason Tesauro and his collaborators share their latest discoveries and epiphanies.


Washington Exec x MG = Modern Business Etiquette Tips

jason tesauro

Kindness, respect, mindfulness and integrity are neither trendy nor gender-specific. These attributes are never out of place and they’ll never fall out of fashion.
— MG via WashingtonExec

Times they are a-changin. Dylan was right when he said that back in 1964...and he's still right. To keep up with the moving target of social graces in the business world, Tesauro threw down some tenets for WashingtonExec, a leading business publication in DC.

Business Etiquette Tips from The Modern Gentleman