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Richmond Food News: Week of Jan 9-13 | Richmond Magazine

In the Media: Food & Drink

Richmond Food News: Week of Jan 9-13 | Richmond Magazine

Kristel Poole

It's time for your week-in-food review, which, fortunately for you, comes complete with an old-timey PSA, some fried chicken, a new late-night option and a whole lotta beer:

  • Welcome to Friday! Let's kick it off with a bit of fun: Tickets for the sixth annual Elby Awards are now on sale! This year we're bringing "Prohibition chic" to the historic Altria Theater with a burlesque/variety show and a few surprises, all in celebration of the Richmond area's dining scene and those who make it happen. "But Stephanie," you might be thinking, "what am I supposed to wear to this event, where costumes are always part of the fun?" To you I say fear not, because my co-host Jason Tesauro and I are here to help. We made this very handy wardrobe PSA just for you, and we hope it answers any questions you might have! (We shot this in one take and my pipes had frozen during the snowstorm last weekend, so my hair is not looking 100-emoji good, but I still think we look pretty fly, in part due to the fine apparel from Blue Bones Vintage.) After the ceremony — which kicks off at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 19 — we'll head downstairs for the official after-party, where there'll be drinks and eats and dancing. Who's excited?? THIS BROAD. Need a refresher on which restaurants, chefs and purveyors are nominated this year? Jitterbug your way right over here.