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Shovel Ready | R•Home by Richmond Magazine

In the Media: Life & Style

Shovel Ready | R•Home by Richmond Magazine

Kristel Poole

By Jason Tesauro, March 1, 2016

In the last episode,  you met an intrepid family on the eve of a massive commitment: Build a nest for seven people on a little lot in Church Hill where an expert valet could barely park six food trucks. I might blame the holiday hullabaloo for why we haven’t broken ground yet. Or, I can tell you the truth(s):

1. We have commitment issues.

2. Construction loans are a pain in the asphalt.

3. An annual super fat trip to Europe sounds damn appealing and way cheaper.

Nevertheless, we’re pushing onward. After giving the green light to our architects (in the form of a sizable check) and sussing out a loan, an email from our designers arrived: “Attached please find (drum roll...) a set of drawings for your construction contract.”

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