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Events Lookbook

Our members have been fortunate to take advantage of Jason’s talents and witness his passion and knowledge first hand. Jason creates an experience, not just an education.
— Patrick King, CCM, General Manager/COO, Army Navy Country Club

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COUNTERFEIT CLASSICO: Sniffing Out an Imposter

Comparative wine tasting. High flavor, low production cost. Attendees come away having learned something, not just drank something.


A blind comparative tasting of classic wines versus their "counterfeit" counterparts from unlikely sources.

Profoundly well-versed in the agri-arts, Jason is highly invigorating and motivational. His experiential wealth of knowledge and eloquent delivery elevated the senses and stimulated creative connectivity.
— Sherri Smith, Executive Director, Artisans Center of Virginia

BOOTS & FLUTES: Handmade Cowboy Boots Paired with Boutique Bubbly

Cool trunk show with bubbly and oysters. High style and flavor, medium production cost, popular with ladies and gents.

For a special pre-wedding or birthday bash, this is the real deal. Our pals at Space Cowboy Boots in NoLita (the spot for high-end cowboy boots in NYC) offer a mobile trunk show at your venue. Paired with the boots, a flight of estate-grown bubblies. We'll start things off dramatically with a feat of sabrage (beheading a bottle using a short sword) and then we show everyone how to shuck and love regional oysters.


PORTO & CACAO: Fortified Wines & Fine Chocolates

High flavor, medium production cost, medium production value. Nice as an end-of-night add-on, popular with a mixed crowd.

We pair our favorite boutique chocolates with Port, Madeira, Sherry and other fortified treats.

STICKS & STONES: Cigars and Whiskey

High flavor, medium production cost, sophisticated but casual. Nice as an end-of-night add-on.

A primer that wends through the worlds of whiskies (from mash to barrel to bottle) and cigars (from filler to binder to wrapper). We bring our mobile humidor along with a few wild and under-the-radar sippin spirits.

BEASTS & BOAMS: Whole Animal Feasting & Large Format Drinking

High flavor, medium-high production cost, high production value. A real statement-maker.

A page from the go-big-or-go-home playbook. We cook up proteins of all sizes, demo some butchery along the way and serve wine, beer and bubbly exclusively from Jeroboams (3.0 L / double magnums).

BLUE RIDGE, RED CARPET: The Best of Virginia Bounty

Lamb on a spit with lots of supporting food/drink. High flavor, high production value, and a pricetag to match for this bespoke evening. Delicious and convivial way to introduce our region to out-of-towners or connect local and visiting teams for a night of modern Virginia hospitality. Esquire magazine named Virginia its "Food Region of 2014." 

LEGS & EGGS: Cuvées and Caviar

High flavor, big-ticket, high production value for a celebration that is nothing short of legendary. Just right for "big" birthdays or celebrating a great year for the C-suite players. 

MG knows caviar and champagne. We have terrific relationships with two premier caviar producers and several Champagne houses. This is a high-ticket affair, but it blows people’s minds. MG pal Nick Stefanelli, one of the hottest chefs around.Washington DC (or anywhere), is killer with charcuterie. Together we know how to showcase a gorgeous variety of caviar preparations.