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Jason is an amazing connoisseur. He shares his passion and knowledge with great humor and generosity. Our guests were delighted their new understanding. He is truly an ambassador for a well-blended lifestyle.
— Amanda Ohlke, Adult Education Director, INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM, Washington, DC

In person and on the telly, Tesauro enlightens gents and ladies alike with tips from The MODERN GENTLEMAN & The MODERN LOVER.

A spoken word piece commissioned by the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office for their 2014 Governor's Cup and Wine & Dine Month Celebration.

A spoken word piece commissioned by Richmond Magazine for the 2014 Elby's: Richmond's Restaurant Awards.

Rules of Engagement
Text ok for an ask-out? Pick-up or rendezvous? What to wear?

New School Etiquette
Table manners, abbreviated formality, dealing with wine service, handling the check. 

Ending a Date
Goodbye kisses, parting words, head games and the follow-up.

Romantic Resolutions for Singles
Take a spontaneous vacation. Reinvest in yourself. Try a digital makeover.

Low Pressure Valentine's Dates
Beer tasting, chill-outs, old school games, cooking class.

The New Classics
To gift or not to gift, the modern mix tape, tickets to a show, the cocktail kit.

Blue Collar, Black Tie
Two watermen introduce Tesauro to oyster farming. Tesauro introduces them to genthood. 

Art of the Custom-Made Suit
Designing the silhouette, selecting the fabrics and getting fitted.

Upgrading your Game
Eye contact, ear contact, conversation etiquette and MG's magic P.I.L.