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jason tesauro

For the most important events in your life, you need more than a caterer . . . you need a curator. MG works with you to select just the right touches for your anniversary, graduation, 50th birthday, shower or wedding.

PORTO & CACAO: Fortified Wines and Fine Chocolates
Milestone events aren't about the food and drink, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be awesome. We like finishing an evening with the classics: Porto and chocolate. Turning 50 in 2016? Lucky you, because 1966 remains an excellent year for Vintage Port. Or maybe you're a Chicago Cubs fan and want to toast their next big win with a Madeira from 1908, the last year that your team won the World Series. There's hard-to-find and then there's impossible-to-forget. MG works with specialty importers, auction houses and producers to source bottles that are more than rare to us, they're meaningful to you.

LEGS & EGGS: Cuvées and Caviar
Sure, sparkling wine and celebration go together like figs and prosciutto, but there's a bevy of bubblies out there. And MG knows the right bottle for baby christening isn't the same as for a yacht christening. Did you and your sweetheart honeymoon in Lake Como? Don't ring in that anniversary with Dom Perignon, pop some Oltrepò Pavese instead. Italy's answer to champagne is made due south of Lake Como. With those frothy flutes, nothing makes you feel fine as a Tsar than blinis and caviar. But no one needs the guilt of a fallen empire either, so let MG steer you toward sustainable and American caviar that's consciously sourced and seriously delicious. 

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