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We know we're not the only ones out here trying to make the world a more interesting/flavorful/stylish/meaningful place. Introduce yourself and tell us what you're into.


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jason tesauro

Got a product to launch? Not every great artisan is a great pitchman. Get us excited about what you do so that we can spread the word. MG helps hone your brand message and showcase your products. But this isn't just scratch ... we only work with brands that align with the MG philosophy. Tell us:

  • Is the brand innovative or classic?
  • Is the brand an excellent example of its class?
  • Is the brand unknown/under-appreciated?
  • Have we already written about you? Would we do it again?
  • Do we have a personal connection? A Virginia connection?

Tell us about what you do and why you do it and we'll design an MG event that adds a dash of PR pizzazz.

John H. Daniel Custom Tailors

Chadwick & Son Orchids

Chadwick & Son Orchids

Giant Bicycles


Beekman Boys

Aston Martin

Space Cowboy Boots