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jason tesauro

By the time you're fastening shirt studs and cinching your cummerbund, we presume you'll have logged sufficient training hours to earn that government-issue marriage license. However, unless the jeweler is doling out velvet boxes and instructions on love, you'll be left to negotiate the mine fields of proposals, and nuptials and honeymoon all on your own. Don't worry . . . MG's got your back.

Contact us to get started. We tailor the main dishes to your needs. You tell us how to garnish.

Everything you need before the wedding
• Gem Stratagem: Ring selection and navigating the four Cs.
• Pilgrimage to Papa: Rallying support and earning the family's blessings
• Bended Knee: The art of engagements and ringless proposals

Training for game-day readiness
Cuffs & Cummerbunds: Whether you're going bespoke suit or barefoot on the beach, you should be setting your wedding's sartorial style.
• Vows & Wows: Adding personal touches to the ceremony and reception
Gifting & Gabbing: Magnanimous acts and speech-making

Mastering the afterward
Post-Wedding Woo: That one-night bacchanal is over, but your everlasting party-of-two is just beginning. We'll kick your inner-Casanova into overdrive. 
• Plans, Passports & Surprises: Want to cue-up some experiences and adventures? MG is your  concierge on-call.
• Soft Landing: Best way to ease the letdown of life returning to normal? Keep one more trick up your sleeve.

Custom and à la carte quotes upon request